Shri Shivaji Mofut Education Society Kandhar, is established with a vision:  विद्या हे च जिवन अविद्या हे च मरन  (Education is to life and without education life is to death).


  • Provide the best opportunities and environment of Law education.
  • Create legal awareness.
  • Inculcate moral values and leadership qualities.
  • Provide quality law education to know legal concepts, process of law making and dispute settlement as well as process of judicial system.
  • Establish Neo-socio legal society.


  • To provide opportunities of legal education to masses including the neglected, downtrodden, educationally backward, poor people in the area.
  • To create responsible professionals in the legal profession and process.
  • To impart legal education among the illiterate masses as to eradicate legal illiteracy from the rural masses to develop lawful society in the present scenario.
  • To propagate, profess and impart legal education irrespective of caste, religion, race, and gender to the rural masses, poor farmers and to the people below the poverty line.
  • To provide legal education specially to the rural students to shape their carrier aspiring young men & women for future challenge.
  • To generate self-confidence specially among the rural students to fight for legal rights and to become a good citizen of India.

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