The College has qualified faculty & competent with all aspects. The college has a proud tradition of academic culture & we are committed to impart quality law education for professional excellence.


Sr. No.Name DesignationName of the departmentDate Of Appointment 
1Dr. Sow. Jaymangal Bhawanishankar Auradhkar In charge PrincipalLaw16/02/1998
2Dr. Mahesh Laxmanrao DharmapurikarAssistant ProfessorLaw01/12/1997
3Dr. Trimbak Madhavrao BandeAssistant ProfessorLaw01/12/1997
4Dr. Parkash Laxmanrao DompaleAssistant ProfessorLaw11/07/2005
5Dr. Purushottam Keshavrao Dhondge Director of Phy. Edu. & SportsLibrarain15/07/2004
6Shri Sunil Rajeshwarrao Ambatwad LibrarianLaw11/07/2004
7Dr. Laxmikant Digambarrao Lungare Assist. Prof.Law01/07/2015
8Shri C. S. Badwane Assist. Prof.Law01/07/2015
9Shri B. R. Bhujbal Assist. Prof.Law01/07/2015
10Shri A. N. Jogdand Assist. Prof.Law01/07/2015
11Shri A. L. Chikhalikar Assist. Prof.Law01/09/2016
12Ku. V. R. TidkeAssist. Prof.Political Science 01/07/2015

1. Dr. Sow Jaimangal Bhawanishankar Auradkar – In-charge Principal

1Identity Number SSLCK/Assist. Prof./01
2Full NameDr. Sow Jaimangal Bhawanishankar Auradkar
3Father /Husband NameShri Bhawanishankar Durgadasrao Auradkar
4Mothers NameSow. Pillubai Girirao Adsul
6Date of Birth12th Jan. 1960
8DesignationIn charge Principal
9QualificationB.A., LL.B., LL.M. Ph.D. (Law)
10Date of Appointment16.12.1998
11Permanent AddressShri Manikprabhu Niwas, Main Road Kandhar Dist. Nanded – 431714
12 Contact Number9423656756
13Email IDdrjbauradkar@gmail.com

14GPF Number 1477
15PAN Card NumberAEAPA5136K
16Aadhar Card Number 551598009513
17Blood GroupO (Negative)
18OtherPractising Advocate from 16th Aug. 1984 to Nov. 1998

2. Dr. Mahesh Laxmanrao Dharmapurikar – Assistant Professor

1Identity Number SSLCK/Assist. Prof./02
2Full NameDr. Mahesh Laxmanrao Dharmapurikar
3Father /Husband NameLaxmanrao Balkrishnarao Dharmapurikar
4Mothers NameSindhutai Laxmanrao Dharmapurikar
6Date of Birth21st Feb. 1967
8DesignationAssistant Professor
9QualificationB.Sc., LL.M., Ph.D. (Law)
10Date of Appointment01.12.1997/03.03.1999
11Permanent AddressSadguru Nivas, Vakil Colony, Kandhar Dist. Nanded ( M.S.) -431714
12 Contact Number9403323418, 7588431064
13Email IDmaheshld2012@yahoo.com

14GPF Number 1476
15PAN Card NumberAEQPD3494K
16Aadhar Card Number 206476074253
17Blood GroupAB (Positive)
18OtherPractising Advocate from 1993 to Nov. 1997 at Kandhar

3. Dr. Trimbak Madhavrao Bande – Assistant Professor

1Identity Number SSLCK/Assist. Prof./03
2Full NameDr. Trimbak Madhavrao Bande
3Father /Husband NameMadhavrao Babarao Bande
4Mothers NameGangabai Madhavrao Bande
6Date of Birth07th June 1961
8DesignationAssistant Professor
9QualificationB.Sc., LL.M., Ph.D. (Law)
10Date of Appointment01.12.1997/ 03.03.1999/01.12.2007
11Permanent AddressMain Road, At. Post. Tq. Mukhed Dist. Nanded
12 Contact Number9421762304
13Email IDbande.trimbak@gmail.com

14DSPC Number 063401002205TMBM6101V
15PAN Card NumberAJAPB6506F
16Aadhar Card Number 312748792740
17Blood GroupA (Positive)
18OtherPracticing Advocate from 1987 to Nov. 1997.

4. Shri Prakash Laxmanrao Dompale – Assistant Professor

1Identity Number SSLCK/Assist. Prof./04
2Full NameDr. Prakash Laxmanrao Dompale
3Father /Husband NameLaxman Bhujangrao Dompale
4Mothers NameSakhubai Laxmanrao Dompale
6Date of Birth09th June 1964
8DesignationAssistant Professor
9QualificationM.Com., LL.M., NET, Ph. D.
10Date of Appointment11.07.2005
11Permanent AddressAt. Post. Bahaddarpura Tq. Kandhar Dist. Nanded 431714
12 Contact Number9860273778
13Email IDprakashdompale@gmail.com

14DSPC Number 063401002205PLDM6401J
15PAN Card NumberAWIPD1966E
16Aadhar Card Number 474555263567
17Blood GroupAB (Positive)
18OtherPracticing Advocate from June 1998 to June 2005.

5. Dr. Purushottam Keshavraoji Dhondge

1Identity Number SSLCK/D.P.E.S/05
2Full NameDr. Purushottam Keshavraoji Dhondge
3Father /Husband NameKeshavrao Shankarrao Dhondge
4Mothers NamePrabhavati Keshavrao Dhondge
6Date of Birth27th May 1980
8DesignationDirector of Physical Education & Sports
9QualificationM.P.Ed, Ph.D.
10Date of Appointment11.07.2004
11Permanent AddressMutkaiprabh Nivas, Krantibhuvan Bahaddarpura Tq. Kandhar Dist. Nanded 431714
12 Contact Number9421101111, 9096802626
13Email IDpurudhondge11@gmail.com
14GPF Number 2922
15PAN Card NumberAIVPD7665F
16Aadhar Card Number 379792676044
17Blood GroupA (Positive)

6. Shri Sunil Rajeshwarrao Ambatwad

1Identity Number SSLCK/Librarain/06
2Full NameSunil Rajeshwarrao Ambatwad
3Father /Husband NameRajeshwarrao Bhaganna Ambatwad
4Mothers NameRukminbai Rajeshwarrao Ambatwad
6Date of Birth07th June 1974
7ReligionHindu (S.T.)
9QualificationB.Sc., M.Lib., M.Phil.
10Date of Appointment20/12/2002 & 26.10.2004
11Permanent AddressA/p Bahaddarpura Tq. Kandhar Dist. Nanded. -431714
12 Contact Number9422719885
13Email IDSunilambatwad@gmail.com

14GPF Number 2923
15PAN Card NumberAHCPA7542C
16Aadhar Card Number 800400576023
17Blood GroupO (Positive)

Faculty Members on Clock Hour Basis

Sr. No.Name DesignationQualificationDate Of AppointmentCHB
1Shri Shrikant Vijay Garudukar Assist. Prof. in EngM. A. English13/07/2018CHB
2Dr. Prarishit B. DhondgeAssist. Prof. in HistoryM.A. History13/07/2018CHB
3Shri M. M. JamgeAssist. Prof. in EconomicsM.A. Economics13/07/2018CHB
4Shri D. S. WanjeAssist. Prof. in EngM.A., Sociology13/07/2018CHB